Pivotal Parenting Point 
Doris  I. Mangrum
Pivotal ParentingPoint with Doris I. Mangrum is an inspirational moment that shares a short but powerful message for busy parents. 

Today's parents juggle a variety of responsibilities all while rearing the great leaders of tomorrow.  Pivotal Parenting Point serves as mental stimulus to give some ideas and pointers about children, family and life principles.

The segment offerings include various topics from discipline to development, manners to fears, truth and so much more.   

Doris is the owner of Saidiana Productions and author of "After the Bungy Jump, There's Still a Lot Of Jerking Goin' On" and several guides that assist with transition back into society. She is also Executive Producer of STAINS: Changing Lives After Incarceration, a call to action documentary calling upon America to change its mindset, work ethic and genreal lack of interest as it pertains to people whose lives have been impacted by incarceration.

Doris has been a parenting professional for over 30 years and has extensive experience working with incarcerated parents and their children and families separated for any reason including deployment, study abroad, working at a distance from family and any other reason.

She is available for speaking, emceeing,  film screening, training and book signing engagements. To book engagements,email stainsthemovie@aol.com.

For additional infomation, go to the Contact Us page and let Doris hear from you. 

For more information and purchasing "After the Bungy Jump, There's Still a Lot of Jerking Goin' On" as well as other products,  please visit www.dorisimangrum.com
-Listen to a sample from Pivotal Parenting Point -



Resolve to be tender with the young, compassionate with the aged,
Smypathetic with the striving,
 and tolerant of the weak and wrong,
Sometime in life
 you will have been all of these.

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