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Doris  I. Mangrum
After the Bungy Jump, There's Still A Lot of Jerking Goin' On" is Doris' first book.  She has compiled a companion workbook and facilitator's guide to be used for family training for those who have been separated (i.e., military, incarceration, working in and living apart from family)

Here's what people are saying about 'Bungy Jump' 


"It was fascinating reading, engaging and informative. The literary style you use is brillant.  The characters jumped off the page into a part of my mind that I could not extract from while reading."

Nathaniel Bracey
Executive Director and COO
The Leon Sullivan Charitable trust
Philadelphia, PA

"I couldn't put the book down, the characters are so real.  I didn't want to stop. I loved it."

Genette Sidney
Early Childhood Education Specialist


After reading Doris I Mangrum's novel, "After the Bungy Jump, There's Still a Lot of Jerking Goin' On," I must say that I enjoyed the novel a great deal. I was impressed with her use of language, which clearly shows that she did not write for a specific audience, but for everyday people. Also, her topic doesn't relate to a specific class of people, but all classes of people, myself included. Academically, her novel fits into several catagories that can be used in the college or high school classrooms such as; humanities, Sociology and English. I, myself will be using her novel in my upcoming English class at our local college. Futhermore, I encourage my colleagues to do the same. The novel is all so inspiring and guaranteed to captivate and hold the attention of any student. I can't sing enough praises for this awe inspiring novel. I am looking forward to reading more from this new and upcoming writer.

Dr. Glenn Willis

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