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Doris  I. Mangrum
Doris is available for speaking, training, hosting a screening, THE SAIDIANA EXPERIENCE, emceeing and book signing engagements.

 For more information, please go to the "Contact Us" page and e-mail Doris with your questions.
If you are interested in hosting THE SAIDIANA EXPERIENCE - a multi-media event, please visit www.dorisimangrum.com/booking  or contact Doris.

Please visit www.dorisimangrum.com to stay abreast of upcoming events and program offerings.

  If you are interested in screening: STAINS: Changing Lives After Incarceration, a call-to-action documentary please contact stainsthemovie@aol.com. Visit www.stainsthemovie.com for more information concerning the film.

Please visit www.dorisimangrum.com to order books or for additional information regarding "After the Bungy Jump , There's Still A Lot of Jerking Goin' On", "A Soiled Identity" and other products.


Parents teach in the toughest school in the world
"The school for Making People."
You are the Board of Education, the Principal, the classroom teacher, and the janitor.
You are expected to be experts on all subjects pertaining to life and living.
There are few schools to train you for your job and there is no general agreement on the curriculum;
you have to make it up yourself.
Your school has no holidays, no vacations, no unions,
no automatic promotions, or pay raises.
You are "ON DUTY" or at least "ON CALL" 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for at least 18 years for every child you have.
Within this context, you carry on your people making. 
I regard this as the hardest, most complicated, anxiety-ridden, blood and sweat producing job in the world

  -----Virginia Satir

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